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 Leslie Joy Cairns - Joy in Mortgages - Keystone Mortgage Corp.

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About Leslie Joy Cairns - Joy in Mortgages - Keystone Mortgage Corp
I’m Leslie Joy, and I’m an accredited mortgage professional (AMP) with ten years of experience in my field. To stay at the top of my game, I continuously educate myself about the mortgage market and maintain a minimum volume of deals per year. I am one person, and I’ve mainly worked from home in the last nine years. However, this doesn’t prevent me from giving my clients the time and attention that they deserve. I typically work from 9 am to 9 pm on all weekdays. During the weekends, my hours are shorter, but I still make myself available should a client need me.

Besides my home office, I also have an office based out of Re/Max River City South. I usually meet with clients here as it offers a professional setting and all the facilities to meet their needs. If a client can not meet face to face, I provide them the option to communicate with me via telephone, email, text, and now as of late ZOOM calls.

During my meetings with clients, I connect them to trusted professionals within my network to help make the process as smooth as possible. Some of the specialists I connect them with are realtors, lawyers, home inspectors, etc. By doing this, I can offer them professional advice from all angles as they embark on the journey of homeownership.

Currently, I am in my ninth year as an AMP with the brokerage Keystone Mortgage Corp. We are associated with a national company called Verico and have access to lenders across Canada, including major banks, alternative lenders, and private lenders. In addition to this, as I worked in a real estate law firm before getting my mortgage license, I have an excellent knowledge of the mortgage process from beginning to end. This enables me to comfortably set people’s expectations of what is next, from personal experience.

I serve the entire province of AB, focusing mainly on Sherwood Park, AB, as this is where I was born and raised. My next focus area is Edmonton, AB, and surrounding cities such as Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, St. Albert, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, and so on. I offer my clients a variety of mortgages from New Purchases to Renewals and Refinances all year round. This keeps me busy twelve months a year and provides me the opportunity to serve several people.

The Leslie Joy Cairns - Joy in Mortgages - Keystone Mortgage Corp Difference
Given my experience in the mortgage industry, I believe that my business is mature. At the same time, we are always in a state of growth as the mortgage market is continuously changing. To spread the knowledge I’ve amassed over the years, I mentor new mortgage agents if they want to join the team. I love to educate and help other people grow. Similarly, I like to learn from others in an attempt to grow my business. At present, I’m using Webware’s digital marketing technology and professional services, and I’m looking forward to learning from them as we expand my business and improve my online and social media presence. 

When it comes to my clients, I enjoy educating them about the best ways to use their homes as an investment tool. I show them how to build equity, stay within their budget, pay their mortgage down faster, and acquire new properties to grow their wealth. I even specialize in helping people get out of debt through mortgages.

While assisting my clients, I ensure that I am patient and empathize with them so that I understand their needs completely and can help them find the most relevant solutions. My clients adore the fact that I personalize my services to their needs. It gives them more confidence in my solutions and ability to help them.

Whether I’m explaining things in a way that my clients can understand, making my schedule flexible to fit with theirs, or introducing them to other experts, every effort I make for my clients is meant to help them further. My business is built on trust and long-lasting relationships with my clients. As a result, I make sure that they know I have their best interests in mind, and I’m doing everything that I can to help them out.

I usually know that I’m doing an excellent job for my clients, as several of them have come back to me for guidance and assistance. Some have even referred their friends and family to me so that they can experience a smooth mortgage journey as well. This behavior indicates that my clients are happy with my services and feel fulfilled.

Another indicator that helps me determine the success of my efforts is exceeding my volume goals. When it comes to mortgage volumes, I’ve received several awards for my efforts. My motivation to keep increasing my number is not really the commission I receive but the fact that I help make more dreams come true. Besides mortgages, I like to surpass the number of new agents I train and share my knowledge with.

While my main interest is to help others grow and build their futures, I’m also interested in building my rental and investment portfolio. This will enhance my scope as a professional and enable me to assist more individuals with their requirements.

I cater to any individual or family that needs a mortgage or assistance to handle their mortgage. I inform them about their options, educate them about the mortgage process, and help them find the best solutions. As a trained and experienced broker with a network of several reliable lenders, I can offer my clients a broad range of options suitable to their unique needs. This even allows me to help them plan their finances and make the mortgage process a more enjoyable one. 

I really appreciate my clients and partners and what they do for me, in an attempt to show them my gratitude, I host an annual client and partner appreciation event for them. In the past years, these events have included BBQs with bouncy castles, hired characters like Batman and Princess Elsa to entertain the children. We have also had face painters at the events to pull off a carnival theme.

To give my team and associates a boost, I like to host team-building activities in the form of regular weekly meetings over lunch with my network partners, lenders, and team. This helps us stay current with new products, rates, and the latest trends in our industry.

Apart from looking out for the welfare of my clients, team, and partners, I enjoy helping my community too. I like to volunteer with my network partners often within my BNI networking group. The most recent volunteer program they held was a community cleanup #BNIcleanup. In the past, the focus has been on collecting donations for the local woman’s shelter, Zebra Child protection services - filling backpacks for kids, and Re/Max River City Food Donation drives around the holidays. These are just a few of the causes my BNI networking group has taken up in the past. As a team, we typically volunteer once a month to help out the community.

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